Sailorbum Store!!

I am just about to leave on my first trip for the new company. I've had a wonderful week and a half or so hanging out with the family and relaxing. Along the way, however, I've done some work on GIMP.

Back at MSU, a roomate of mine, a another neighbor in the dorm, and I sold t-shirts for dorm floors and teams and a design of our own. We sold about 3000 of a design of mine called "Beach Potato." I've thought about resurrecting the spud, but for now I am playing around with Sailorbum stuff on Cafe Press. There are a couple t-shirts and a couple hats available from the Sailorbum Cyberstore!!

If you get half a chance, burn some creative juices! I highly recommend it.


  1. Todd, was cleaning out old stuff from my computer today and came across your web page. You look like you are having a ball. Keep it up my friend. I hope you are well.
    Joe Montroy


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