Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to me, a clean bilge.

Monday and Tuesday, I was on my belly reaching as far as I could, forward and aft, scooping black mayonaise out of the bilges. The PO had an issue with a diesel tank. That probably contribluted to the half inch of sludge. I found a light bulb, a jeweler's screwdriver, some wire [connected and not], and a weird piece of fiberglass.

It got to almost 90 in Bay City yesterday. It was a hot job but needed to be done. The bilges can actually add to my storage space now. After sweating my guts out, I took my first shower aboard. Well, you're right there is now shower in the head. In A Mist and I are way out in the boneyard in the back of the marina. I looked around and listened. Then I stripped down and dumped a couple buckets of water over my head in the cockpit. The buckets are darkish blue and had been sitting in the sun for a couple hours. It was very nice. Then I went out to Quanicassee and resigned as a Boat Broker. That job was a lot of fun, but it wasn't matching my goals for In A Mist and I. I should have some job news next week. I am working on a hot lead.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Zaphod, you made me love you. . .

I've proven my own philosophy, I suppose. Your humble correspondent has been humbled.

Things are still good, but I'm awake again. Like a two bit celebrity who begins to believe his own press. I began to feel endowed with something almost like luck. Despite that I've always asserted that you can be lucky at a specific time, but you cannot be lucky, or unlucky, in general.

Things have been working out so well that I began to have some weird sense of lower case faith that everything would work out just fine. It was as if Zaphod Beeblebrox's Improbability Drive had come to life. Even the most remotely implausible possibilities were coming true in my life. It was GREAT! I began to rely on it.

I am really enjoying the work I am doing as a Boat Broker. It makes absolutely no sense for me to be doing this job. I don't make any money unless I sell a boat and it will take some time to do so. My funds are running low. I am OK for a time, but I've begun to look at a longer horizon and the trend is not good. BUT I love it; it is very natural and comfortable for me.

I've kept up the job hunt, but the economy up here is tougher than I imagined. What I am really trying to do this week is find some part time work at night so that I can keep selling boats too. I'm waiting to see what effect gas prices might have. We are selling expensive used boats. Gas cost may well not affect sales much.

I am fully committed to heading south on the boat. There is enough boat work to do, some of it expensive, that I am not sure I will make it this fall. Worst Case Scenario is that I have to winter over in Bay City and leave next year. Things are still good. A bad day in Bay City still beats a good day in the Grind. I just have a more mature outlook on my own situation today. That can't be bad. Have Fun.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Cool Quote

I found a cool quote. It flies in the face of my Objectivist tendencies, but I felt it rather than read it [which also flies in the face of said tendencies].
"Once I thought that to be human was the highest aim a man could have, but I see now that it was meant to destroy me. Today I am proud to say that I am inhuman, that I belong not to men or governments, that I have nothing to do with creeds or principles, I have nothing to do with the creaking machinery of humanity - I belong to the earth! I say that lying on my pillow and I can feel the horns sprouting from my temples." Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer.

I think that it fits well with the Anarcho-Capitalist tendencies I have been feeling lately. It also resonates with the freedom of finally living my own life the way I want to be. Perhaps I have nothing to do with the creeds and principles of the bland "pinks" that trudge along 'in quiet desperation' in modern society.
I started working as a Boat Broker. The people I work with are great and like minded in many ways. One of the guys not only likes to hunt up ethnic foods, he and some friends built a Wharram Catamaran one summer in college. Until I bought In A Mist, I was carrying around James Wharram's Design Book for the last 15 years. Finally walking in my own skin, like minded people recognize me, as me. Think of Emily's First Law of the Spork [see below].

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Life In Bay City.

I have been in Bay City for a week or so. The place I found is an big old house near downtown with an interesting cast of characters. I've been practicing my guitar at the storage unit. Hence, the studio picture. I've located a place that has a Wednesday Night Open Mic Night.

That same place hosted a very cool gig last Thursday. It seems that a local singer/songwriter named Scott Baker met and befriended Adam Levy, who plays guitar for Norah Jones. Norah was playing the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor friday. Adam made the trek to Bay City to play a night with Scott on Thursday. The Arlington on Linn St., in Bay City is either a 104 or 140 year old building. For $3 cover! I saw these guys playing for three hours or more! Scott played some of his stuff; Adam played some of his; then they played together.

Scott Baker is a talented local singer. He tells the story of helping Adam hold a box of CDs while he signed autographs after a concert. They became good friends. Scott has a few CDs out; and a new one coming out this month. I really liked Scott's easy manner and strong voice. He reminds me a bit of Greg Brown; another Michigan singer/songwriter. I would highly recommend the new CD. I liked the songs Your Turn and Color My Life.

Adam Levy is a hugely talented guitarist. He is a jazzy, bluesy, funky player fond of filling textures and color with tight licks. He played for Tracy Chapman before Norah Jones. The bluesy funk behind "Give Me One Reason" is Adam. He is also a guitar player's guitar player; check the interviews on his site of other guitarists. Adam was playing a Randy Newman song 'Marie' to warm up. Someone shouted "Play that one!" Adam says alright and jumped right in.

I loved his song with the tag line "She's a little like Sunday Morning on Saturday Night." Also, "Unsay Goodbye" "Last Payphone Call" and "Spanish Moss and Angel Wings." Adam has a quirky song talent. I loved his view of the world. Imagine if Lyle Lovett and Chris Isaac had a child, but sent it to New York to be raised by Bill Frisell and Willie Nelson. I think my favorite song of Adam's was "Washing Day." He channelled Bill Frisell during the song.

When Scott joined Adam for the third set, they played Norah's "Nightingale." What a great night!! Two guys who were multitalented and just plain at ease with their music. They looked like they were having fun and were as natural as if they were just breathing. I was inspired.

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