Monday, February 5, 2007

Voyage Poem

The universe is leaving me treats lately. No I haven't changed my mind, the former is an allusion for someone who will know.

I found an excellent poem on Atom's Voyages Page. It moves more than me.

I struck the board and cry'd "No more; I will abroad".
What, shall I ever sigh and pine?
My life and lines are free; free as the road,
loose as the wind.

-- George Herbert

And for the alluded, I was sent a copy of Steve Jobs' Commencement Speech at Stanford from 2005. Steve has always been high on my list, but this put him near the top. He even quoted the back cover of the last issue of the Whole Earth Catalog:

"Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

Here is the image that Steve remembered [I can't get it to load here].

Here is the text of his speech.

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